Ricky Parent loses the fight

Ricky Parent 

Enuff Z Nuff drummer Ricky Parent finally succumbed to the cancer that had been afflicting him since 2004 yesterday. He was behind the kit for Enuff Z Nuff from 1992 to 2004, when ill-health forced him to quit.

Condolences to the Parent Family; Rest in Peace Ricky


15 Responses to “Ricky Parent loses the fight”

  1. I’m close with his family, i’m actually the girlfriend of his son Anthony Parent and close to his daughter Rachel Parent, and his son Tyler Parent. It was a hard loss for them. They LOVE their father so much … & it was a horrible thing to go through for them. I’ve never met Ricky, except on the phone, but from what I’ve been told he was a wonderful guy.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment Brittany, Your boyfriend’s father has given me so much pleasure overthe years as part of Enuff Z Nuff, and will continue to do so. He’s left a legacy his family can be proud of. I’m part of the late Brian Connollys BC Sweet, who started the whole Glam Rock thing back in the 70s, and Enuff Z Nuff took it into the 80’s and made it their own. Please pass on our condolences to his family. Kev Moore

  3. I am Ricky’s sister and this has been a very hard time for me also. I Love my brother very much and I am so glad that he touched so many other people like he did myself.I am glad I made it there saturday. I only wish his children were able to come down for the services. I was glad to see that everyone who truly cared about Ricky showed up RIP Ricky I am glad you are not in pain anymore. I have a star out there with your name on it You will Always be in my Heart. Love Ya BRO

  4. Debbie, let me offer you my personal condolences, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Take care.Kev Moore

  5. marianne mctaggart Says:

    I knew Ricky in the early 80s . He was my best friend Sherry Spratts boyfriend. We hung out all the time in his Little Falls home. His bedroom was covered from floor to ceiling in pictures from creem, circus and hit parader mags, he had this big cross made of stone( i think he stole ot from a cemetary ! BAD BOY!!!) he used it for an end table by his bed, which was a mattress and boxspring on the floor. He had a massive record collection, Zeppelin aerosmith you name it he had it. He was a great guy. We were over his good friend and also drummer Joey Jazwick ,it was new years and we werer partying. His friend Walt gave him the biggest shot gun I ever saw anybody take and afterwards he puked all over the place. See he quit weed for a year or so and it had a bad effect on him that time. Well enuff z nuff I gotta fly so RIP Ricky . My condolences To His Dad Bill and his Sister Debbie.

  6. I had the privelage to play in a band with Ricky in 1980 through 1982. He was actually born in 1963. We graduated together. After the loss of his mother to the very same affliction he succommed to, he hit the road to follow his dream. I should have never been on the same stage with him but I was. As fate would have it, he came back to his home town after his cancer operation and it just so happend to be the town I reside in now. We shared my house for over two years.. Though he was bouncing back strongly from his affliction at the onset of our journey, for some reason, he relapst. We wrote, laughed, lived and loved together during our short painful reunion. He called me his bro….. We did not always see eye to eye and to us, noone would believe how close we were. I wish we could have finished the works we started before he passed. I could really use his inspiration. On the up side, I have most of his material recorded on the computer Sue bought him and intend to pollish what he started and try to do justice to his legacy. I will only want to be recognized for the contributions I made. The majority is………… no, it’s all him.
    It was a long two years for both of us. He did suffer more than he let on. His bedroom was right behind mine. I heard too much. Slept with one both ears open and closed my eyes because he was modest.

    I would really appreciate the support of his family before I start to make decisions about what to do with his things. I havn’t moved anything yet. It’s only been 3 months!

    Rachel reached out once since. Tyler, not at all but we were buds.. Anthony knows me pretty well too and should touch base if he cares.

    I missed out on Ricky’s hay days but was there when the genius was in the making. Thank God, I got to enjoy him again but I would rather have not givien the circumstances.

    I do not want to discuss differences about the people or with the people who loved him and were part of his life. I want what he would want and that’s just to get along and enjoy his affect on our lifes. No arguing, fighting or talking smack. Let him rest in peace and know we are and have all been here for him. My only wish is that he could have been here with us longer!

  7. Amen Bro!. You are so right about all the smack talk. Ricky would just want everyone to get along. Nothing negative just positive. You definitely deserved to be on that stage along with Ricky. You guys kicked some serious ass back then. You guys played in a bar before you were even able to drink. I remember that…lol… I bet the recent shit you guys have been working on will blow that away. Thank you for everything that you did for Rick. I really appeciate it and so did Rick. You have my total support. Whatever you want me to do just let me know.
    Love Ya Bro

  8. hey its anthony rickys son vigs who are u lol i care soo i dont no were that came from i loved my dad very much i cry till this day soo may he rest in peace my father ricky parent i love you you were my role model for my music my life everything i love you i will see you again

  9. Hey. I just want to give my condolences to the Parent family. I have heard about Ricky and heard his music and I think he is a awesome guy. I just want God to bless all the family members of the parent family and tell them to stay strong. I also love Rachel Parent.

  10. I lived and worked with Ricky in 1989 – 1990 with Steve Thomson in Europe. We wrote, recorded and toured with this band. We also shared our first experiences of Europe together. While touring and living on the bus we would at times have to share a shower at the venue. I never wanted to shower after Ricky cause he would always clear his sinuses and “hock lugies” on the shower floor!! LOL! I have tons of pics of our tour and just living in Switzerland that I’d be very happy to share with his kids. We also were in Alice Cooper’s Lost in America video together. I loved Ricky dearly. He always made me laugh and was a very positive force at all times. I am very happy I got to talk to him on the phone in early Oct before he passed away. I would have liked to have been at the service but nobody contacted me. Any of Ricky’s kids are welcome to contact me at greg@gsmith.com if they’d like copies of pics from that era.. RIP my friend! I will miss you!

  11. Nicole Rayner Says:

    I met Ricky in Switzerland when he played with Steve Thomson. He was soooo funny! I remember he would do stuff like licking his finger and stick it in my ear when I wasn’t paying attention!
    I did not know he had cancer. He was such a down to earth, fun person and left an impression in the short period of time that I met him.
    R.I.P Ricky.

  12. Lynn Parent-Hutchinson Says:

    I was Rickys wife and am the mother of his children.
    I have been trying to get in contact with steve thompson, joey balin and chris egger.
    If anyone has their contact info, please email me at lynnhutchinsonmd@aol.com, I am trying to put a capsule together for his children.

  13. Lynn, I hope your message here reaches them, and I will try and spread your request further afield in the net.
    Kev Moore

  14. Jimmy miller Says:

    Damn bro ricky this is little jimmy miller that knew u back in the day in little falls I lived in back of Joey jazz in fact u and Joey put my first drum set together with all spare parts and taught me how to play I always used to watch u jam in the house by the hang out was called the box up on the tracks and knew u would be something big some day. I remember your mom dad sister Debbie I was young but remember everybody like it was last week . I want to thank you for touching me in my life w the drums cause iv been playing ever since I actually just got a brand new dm 10 professional electronic kit it sounds awesome ricky would of been proud of my playing. Unfortunately iv had a tremendous amount of loss and struggles throughout the years but really miss the old days. Just really want to thank you and tell u Rest In Pease to the best drummer I ever came across .Peace P.S. You must have one hell of a band up in heaven….your old friend jimmy miller

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