In memory of Ronnie

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It seems fitting that posting here today -some two years after my last entry , where I reported the death of TRAPEZE guitarist Mel Galley, I pay tribute to the recent passing of another rock stalwart – arguably an icon – Ronnie James Dio. Long associated with DIO, BLACK SABBATH and more recently HEAVEN AND HELL, he also did some of his best work with RAINBOW, particularly on Rainbow Rising. But I wanted to post the song where I first heard THAT voice, back in ’72 I think it was, with the band ELF. “Ain’t it all amusing” provided a foretaste of the voice that Ronnie would regale us with for another 38 years.

My friend, Saxon guitarist Graham Oliver, knew Ronnie, and jammed with Dio when they toured the UK some years back, he knew him to be a top man. Rest In Peace Ronnie, you left us with a classic and varied legacy.

Kev Moore


R.I.P. Mel Galley

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As reported some time ago on this website, former Whitesnake, Phenomena and Trapeze guitarist Mel Galley has been battling with cancer for some months. On July 1st, he lost his fight, aged 60. Mel is survived by his wife and two children.

He was a wonderfully expressive guitarist, and one of the first to bring “the funk” into rock guitar. An early creative foil for Glenn Hughes, Glenn cites him as his dearest, oldest friend, and his inspiration. David Coverdale has been dedicating a song to him on a nightly basis on the Whitesnake tour.

He will be sadly missed. but his music lives on. Check out this Trapeze reunion show in Texas from the 90’s.

Kev Moore

New Munky Project

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According to Korn’s official website, James “Munky” Shaffer has announced a new project called FEAR AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. Their first album is due out this fall.

From the official website:

“KoRn guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer announces plans to release a new project entitled FEAR AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM due out fall of 2008. The record will be released on his own label, EMOTIONAL SYPHON RECORDINGS.

The band features James Christian Shaffer (“Munky”) on guitars and vocals; Billy Gould (Faith No More), bass; Wes Borland (Black Light Burns), guitars; Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion, Tenacious D), drums and percussion; Leopold Ross, programming and guitars; Zach Baird, keyboards and programming. The album will be produced by Shaffer, Ross, and Jim Monti, with additional production by Tim Harkins.

Famed producer and friend Ross Robinson (Slipknot, KoRn) comments: “What can I do to ever come close to feeling James’s level of pure ruthless courage through a guitar? Since I’ve worked with him, I’ve tried to inspire, convince, beg, bleed, cry, prod and nearly die, hoping to hit that bar with others. I’m grateful to know what ‘it’ is, and where it always exists—in my brother, James. His solo band? Yes, please!”

The songs are being recorded at Music Grinder Studios in Hollywood, CA, with Jim Monti handling the mixing duties. Fear and The Nervous System is an exciting project that opens up the boundaries of rock, harkening back to the days when music was fearless. You can check out more on FEAR AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM by visiting!!!”

— Alex

Emigrate’s Second Single – Temptation

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According to Emigrates official website, the release date of their second single single, Temptation, has been confirmed. It will be March 7. The single will also contain the tracks New World and New York as well as the 2 corresponding videos. 2 new, previously unreleased tracks, Face Down and I Have a Dream will also be released on the single.

— Alex

Emigrate Interviews

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Richard Z. Kruspe, guitarist from Rammstein and lead vocalist and guitarist of Emigrate, was interviewed at various times about his side project, Emigrate. Here is a small collection of links to 3 of those interviews for you:
The Guantlet

— Alex

One Year and Counting

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Today marks the first anniversary of America’s Metal!

— Alex

Mel postpones shows due to Surgery

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Mel Galley, former Trapeze, Phenomena and Whitesnake Guitarist has regretfully announced the postponement of his upcoming shows in the UK in March.

He is going into hospital for surgery on a tumour that has been found in his oesophagus. He hopes to reschedule the shows as soon as he’s well. America’s Metal wish him all the best in his recovery.  Click on Mel’s name to find his My Space site. Meanwhile, here’s a video of him with the all-star Phenomena line-up, performing Mel’s song, “Did it all for Love” 

Kev Moore